Marta's ability to commit to a variety of characters is crucial as she demonstrates wide range in her film career. 

 Short (2016)

Bella, a young girl looking for fun, finds herself abandoned by her friend and walking through Hackney's crowded streets. She starts to recall moments spent with her ex-girlfriend when she runs into a familiar place. Suddenly, the city becomes a pile of memories which recurs in an emotive crescendo. Bella tells us a wordless story of a personal and deeply emotional journey by using only her eyes. With his poignant and nostalgic short movie, George Graham highlights how an ended love often persists as an elusive shadow.Written by Ca'Foscari Shot Film Festival

Marta Hermida as Sofia

In the middle of the 'Corralito', Argentina's bank freeze, Jordi travels to Buenos Aires in pursuit of a government contract. To enter into the high spheres of political power, he will have to pay something more than money. Just how far is he willing to go?

Marta Hermida as Pianista Tigre

 Film (2010)

A man, a woman, a dinner, a night that will change their lives.

Marta Hermida as Jimena

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