Marta Hermida 



I am a dreamer, and I am earthbound.

I am passionate, and I am open-minded.

I am X, and I am Y.


In life, all of the experiences, all of the difficulties, everything I’ve suffered and loved and enjoyed, worshipped and mourned, run from and towards, all of them have helped me to a better version of myself.


As an actress, you never stop learning, and you never stop evolving.




I grew-up in Seville. At twenty-one, I left to study drama at the Augusto Fernandes Studio in Buenos Aires. After three years, I moved to Madrid where I continued my education at the Juan Carlos Corazza Studio for Acting. Three years after that I found myself in London at the Giles Foreman Studio in Soho where I studied for another three years again.


Acting is a way of life. It is a view of the world. It is a child-like condition, always asking questions and still observing. It is finding the truth in people and things. As an actress, I owe it to myself and my discipline to remain faithful to this state, to broaden and deepen my own understanding of my craft.




New experience help to keep the soul alive. I thrive on interaction with people from cultures different to my own. Knowing their lives, hearing their voices, identifying the places that they call home, helps me to grow as a person and my creativity to flourish. Their countries and cultures enrich me and allow me to become a more complete individual. In return, my passion is for allowing their stories to be told through me and to showcase their impact on my work honestly and without reservation. My positivity is reflected in my decisions and outlook.


The journey is always more important than the destination.


You will find me engrossed
in the moment not staring into the future.


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